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A Monthly Giving Program for Impact

At Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center, our natural environment is our teacher. We learn from all plants, insects, and animals that exist to support each other. Roots, are the lifeline of a plant, taking up air, water, and nutrients from the soil to support its ecosystem.

Want to make your commitment to health equity go a little farther?

Join our monthly giving program to become a Root for Health, ensuring that Olivewood can meet the needs of our community through education, access & advocacy, when it’s needed most.

With your help, we can foster a community free of diet-related illness and a thriving environment.

Like plants, humans need roots to thrive in our communities. Like plants, we rely on support to inspire growth and create the change we wish to see in the world.

Like planting a seed, one-time giving allows for the establishment of roots of an idea or program. In the same likeness, recurring donations provide long-term support to strengthen the foundation, while ensuring a sustainable network of nourishment. This contributes not just to the individual plant, but the entire ecosystem.

In becoming a member of “Roots for Health”, you will be joining a passionate network which is essential to ensuring food security, nutrition education, environmental stewardship, and an equitable food system for our community.



“Olivewood has kept the community engaged and inspired. They’ve fed people who needed it. They are making a real difference.  I am grateful for the work they are doing and I know I speak for the entire board when I say thank you for all that they do!”
                                                                                                     -Trish Watlington


With your Roots for Health membership, you can expect to receive:

  • Access to The Seedling Newsletter
  • A Welcome Olivewood tote bag with Seasonal Produce straight from the Gardens 
  • Special invitation to our Supporter Appreciation Event
  • Updates showcasing the impact your support makes to the community, including our Annual Impact Report

The Impact Your Support Inspires

“There’s the world, and then there’s this food. It’s like a whole new world.”    -NSD 3rd Grade student eating Happy Rice

“How has Olivewood not inspired me? Being a volunteer there helped me grow as a person and professionally. It is a family that inspires each person to lead healthier lifestyles with those you care about. There are abundant opportunities to learn gardening, cooking and becoming a leader.”     -Itzel, Volunteer and College Intern

“The experience of a chef teaching you a class is always more than a cooking class experience; it embodies a volunteer sharing their culinary knowledge and kindness.”     -Aureny, Kitchenista®

 Join the community, and Become a “Roots for Health” Member Today!