Our Program Impact

Olivewood is improving health and environmental stewardship by providing children, adults, and families from our community with the tools to make informed and healthy decisions in the kitchen, in the community, and for the environment. We teach scientific literacy and environmental awareness, while encouraging visitors to explore the interrelationships between a quality diet, sustainable agriculture, and healthy living.  These lessons empower children and families to make changes at home that improve health and inspire them to educate others, including policy makers, on the importance of health in fostering a vibrant community.

As a result of participating in our programs:

  • 91% of parents reported that their families are eating more fruits and vegetables.
  • 83% of third grade students report that they are adventurous eaters and like to try new foods.
  • 83% of teachers report that their students demonstrated environmentally conscious behavior after our Olivewood Gardens field trip.
  • 100% of Cooking for Salud® graduates report they are confident sharing about healthy eating with others in their community.
  • 100% of high school internship participants report increased job readiness

We have hosted over 100,000 visits from children and families, provide field trips to 1,700 students annually, and have graduated over 325 Kitchenistas® from our adult nutrition education program. In 2014 we were named a Live Well San Diego partner, and in 2015 and 2016 we were named Public Health Champion by the County. We are regularly featured by local media sources and the documentary “The Kitchenistas of National City” featuring our Cooking for Salud program has received international recognition and several awards.


Annual Impact Reports

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