In January of 2022, Olivewood partnered with Healthy Day Partners to revitalize school gardens at all 10 National School District schools. Through our 14-year intensive partnership with the district, this iteration of the Children’s Program, allows us to meet students at school garden sites to integrate more farm-to-school initiatives for more equitable learning.

Through the School-based Children’s Program, Olivewood is able to provide experiential standards-based environmental education lessons to 4,700 TK-6th grade National School District students.

National School District Schools:

  • Central Elementary
  • El Toyon Elementary
  • Ira Harbison Elementary
  • John Otis Elementary
  • Kimball Elementary
  • Las Palmas Elementary
  • Lincoln Acres Elementary
  • Olivewood Elementary
  • Palmer Way Elementary
  • Rancho de la Nación Elementary