A Note to our Olivewood Family:

As an organization centered on health, community, and safety, we are announcing the postponement of Olivewood programs through March 31, after consulting with local health experts.

We will continue to monitor developments with the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) and regularly reassess the situation. Our goal is to do everything we can to help curb the spread of this outbreak in our community.

At Olivewood, we follow food safety guidelines from local and national organizations at all times, including the way we harvest and cook food. Safety of produce, people and the property are always a top priority.

We’re monitoring the CDC’s evolving guidelines and keeping workspaces, kitchen and equipment sanitized and clean. Our team is also working with our staff to ensure they can access paid sick leave if needed and leave to care for family members as well.

Last, we are working on determining if we can provide fresh fruits and vegetables for families during this time for people who need it most.  If you are interested in learning more, please let us know. Everything would be delivered and packed in a safe and secure manner.

We appreciate your continued support and are extremely grateful to be in a community that values health and safety as a top priority.

In gratitude,
Jen and the Olivewood team