Born and raised in National City, attended an elementary school in National City and now works at Olivewood Gardens


Jannet Valdes Ramirez, one of Olivewood’s two Environmental Education Specialists – recently hired in October of 2022, has the opportu

nity to teach students in 5 out of the 10 National School District (NSD) schools to teach environmental and nutrition lessons in school garden sites.

After receiving a B.S. in Nutrition from UC Davis, her desire was to put her degree to use. She feels privileged to use the knowledge she gained as a student to provide educational lessons to students of different ages and backgrounds in her own community. “My involvement with Olivewood Gardens has allowed me to fulfill my desire to be able to share my knowledge and education with my community.”

Leading in the Community

“For me, being a community leader means embracing the diversity of the community. Honoring and respecting the richness of our cultures. Being a community leader requires empathy, sympathy, compassion, commitment, credibility, collaboration, and creativity. A community leader should be able to be understanding and aim to provide not only equality, but equity as well. As a leader in my community, I strive to be a good role model and I continuously embrace our diversity.”

Paying It Forward

Jannet wants to use her experiences and knowledge to educate others, and not just keep the skills, knowledge and experiences to herself.

Wishes for a Better Future

“I wish to see that my work as Environmental Education Specialist continues at National School District – to continue to provide knowledge for the children of the future. As well as guidance to continue to take care of the environment and live healthy lifestyles. Altogether, this will continue to provide a bright and positive future for all.