How did you get involved with Olivewood?

Back in 2010 I had just retired from 37 years teaching elementary school when Caron Golden, a local freelance writer, suggested I attend a function at a new place called Olivewood Gardens. I was so impressed by the venue and their vision that I decided to volunteer. Being a bit of a foodie, I thought I would work in the kitchen but they wanted to take advantage of my teaching experience, so I started teaching the Children’s Field Trip science lessons. I also helped some with the curriculum planning. I would spend at least one day a week teaching. I think I’ve worked most every volunteer opportunity – office work, Day of Play, Halloween extravaganzas, and various fundraising functions. Lately, I’ve been helping with the field trips in the kitchen mostly.

What motivates you to volunteer?

I enjoy being able to still be involved with enthusiastic children and there is just something magical about the atmosphere at Olivewood. I consider it kind of an oasis. Someone suggested that perhaps it is because of the good work being done.

What has the impact of Olivewood been for you?

Since starting at Olivewood, I’ve had 3 grandchildren and also some poor health. I feel lucky to be thriving and setting an example for my grandchildren who have sometimes accompanied me. The activity is good for me.

If you could share with the world one thing you hope to accomplish individually or as a community in the future – what would it be?

I share all of Olivewood’s goals and hope they lead to a healthy, peaceful world. There have been lots of changes at Olivewood over the years, but one thing that remains constant – all of the people are wonderful & a pleasure to be around.