Olivewood Team Favorite Recipes 2023

Looking for some meal inspiration? Check out some of the Olivewood Team’s favorite recipes. Each of these recipes is used in one of Olivewood’s nutrition and cooking programs. Enjoy!

Happy Rice – “It is so versatile and easy to not waste food with. I love using what’s in my veggie drawer! I make it all the time. Each time I get new flavors.” – Angelica

  • “My favorite is Happy Rice. I use all kids of veggies and everyone in my house loves it.”
  • “My favorite is the happy rice because it’s a crowd favorite, even with the kids. I love seeing the kids’ faces when they’re surprised that they like something with so many vegetables (we usually use about 10!). I often get kids that say ‘I don’t like vegetables’ and then they try happy rice and love it. Often, students will also discover that they actually might like a vegetable that they had previously tried and disliked. I hope that this helps them to feel more comfortable being an adventurous eater in the future and always taking one big bite.” – Morgan


Carrot Top Pesto – “My favorite recipe is hard to pin down, I love everything that comes out of the Olivewood Kitchen, but if I HAVE to pick I would probably say the carrot top pesto. It is versatile as a dip or a sauce and uses the parts of the plant that may be discarded. Anything using veggies from the garden is a favorite of mine!” – Ellyse


Potato Salad with Fava Beans and Fennel – “This recipe came about out of necessity to use what was growing and harvested in the garden in the first cohort of G2K – it has been a fan favorite ever since! It is truly the bridge between garden and kitchen.”


Molcajete Salsa & Homemade Corn Tortillas – “They are so delicious and remind me of the moments I cooked with my grandmother and ties to the way I grew up eating them.” – Patty


Veggie Sushi – “My favorite recipe was the sushi the kids prepared in a Chefcitosclass. It was really cute to see them prepared on such a wonderful and delicious plate!” – Paola