Veggie Quesadilla

Veggie Quesadilla Serves 4-6 Ingredients 12 small corn or small (6-inch) whole wheat tortilla 9 ounces low-fat mozzarella cheese, grated (2 cups) 1 teaspoon olive oil 2 cups mixed, diced seasonal veggies (for winter, any combination of: butternut squash, onion, garlic, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, swiss chard, etc.) *Variation: Add a tablespoon of cooked black

Ranch Quesadilla

Ranch Quesadilla Created by Jesús González Makes 6 Ingredients 6  small corn or whole wheat tortilla (or Handmade Corn Tortillas, see below) 9 ounces low-fat mozzarella cheese, grated 1 teaspoon olive oil 2 cups mixed seasonal veggies, diced (for winter, any combination of butternut squash, onion, garlic, mushrooms, peas or corn kernels) salsa, if desired Directions

Three Sisters Vegetarian Posole

Three Sisters Vegetarian Posole Created by Marguerite Grifka  Ingredients 3 garlic cloves, chopped 1 Tablespoon olive oil 1 Tablespoon mild chili powder 1 teaspoon cumin 3 cups vegetable broth (or bouillon cubes and water) ¼ cup green onion, sliced ½ cup winter squash, small dice 1 cup assorted diced vegetables such as rutabaga, dark greens,

Tahitian Squash Soup

Tahitian Squash Soup  Created by Jordan Russell Ingredients for Tahitian Squash Soup 1 large Tahitian squash, peeled and diced (or any winter squash) SAVE SEEDS! 1 head garlic, peeled and roasted 8 cups low-sodium vegetable stock salt and pepper fresh herbs, as a garnish cream, optional Directions for Tahitian Squash Soup 1.  Preheat oven to

Roasted Butternut Squash and Black Kale Risotto

Roasted Butternut Squash and Black Kale Risotto Created by Chef Amy DiBiase Serves 4 Ingredients 1 butternut squash, halved and roasted until soft 1 yellow onion, small dice 2 Tablespoons garlic, minced 1½ cups Arborio rice 7 cups vegetable/chicken broth (low salt) 6 leaves of black kale, shredded ½ cup parmesan cheese 2 Tablespoons butter

Steamed Winter Squash with Ginger and Orange

 Steamed Winter Squash with Ginger and Orange Created by Chef Marguerite Grifka Serves 4-6  Ingredients 1 winter squash (tahitian, butternut, kabocha, or banana squash), peeled and cut into 1” chunk 2 slices of ginger, in ¼” slices 1 orange, zested and juiced 1 Tablespoon olive oil Directions 1. Put ginger in 1 inch of water in

Butternut Squash Tacos with Salsa

Butternut Squash Tacos with a Pomegranate, Jalapeño Salsa Created by Kati Christensen Serves 4 Ingredients for Tacos ½ cup butternut squash 1 can of black beans 1 Tablespoon of chopped rosemary ½ cup mozzarella cheese 8-10 corn or flour tortillas olive oil 1 cup cabbage, shredded Ingredients for Salsa ¼ cup chopped onions 1 jalapeño ¼ cup